Sponsored Content

What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored Content vs. Affiliate Marketing: Sponsored content is when a brand pays a content creator a flat fee to write and publish a story about the brand and their products, and should not be confused with affiliate marketing which is commission based. 

Sponsored content aims to inform and stimulate interest in a product or service, and is designed to be published and shared online. Content marketing is a marketing strategy that shares sponsored content online and across social media to a clearly defined audience. Sponsored content is an effective, inexpensive way to build community awareness. That's why small businesses are increasingly sponsoring content creators to market their business.

What is a Content Creator?

A content creator is someone who creates, edits, and publishes content. Businesses pay content creators a fee to create content that promotes their brand by educating and explaining to a reader the benefits of that product or service.

How To Become a Content Marketer

  1. Create a Profile
    Sign up on YAYWORLD and create a profile with an interesting bio. Explain that you’re a content creator and interested in collaboration. Be sure to post a lot of informative content so businesses can see your style and be sure it fits with their brand or business. Read how to create a profile here.
  2. Let People Know What You Like to Write About
    Some content creators prefer to write about specific subjects such as food, travel or sports. That means a travel content creator might write or create a video about travel destinations, write about their travel experiences, review tourist attractions and accommodation, or provide tips on travel.
  3. Offer Content Creation as a Service to Local Businesses
    Most small businesses know they need marketing to grow, but don’t have the time or skills needed to do it themselves. Speak with your favorite local businesses and ask if you can help promote them online. Fee negotiation, writing, posting & payment are automated processes managed by YAYWORLD, but controlled by you. (Payout restrictions may apply, depending on your location. See payout restrictions below for details.)
  4. Use our SEO Structure to Rank Higher in Search Results
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is about organizing your information to make it easy for Google to find and rank. You can post your content on any of 441 locally focused YAYWORLD websites. Why is this important? Because Google views location specific websites that contain content relevant to that location as authoritative websites, and so ranks them higher in organic search results. That's why it's important to post on the website that best fits your story and target audience.
  5. Use Social Media to Promote Your Work
    Use our auto-posting feature to share your content across up to six social media accounts.
  6. Be Diligent and Consistent
    When you post content regularly, people trust you more. Also, the more content you post, the more your work will show up in Google search results, and the more money you can ask for creating content. It's the best way to show a business that your content works and how you can help market a business.

How to Create a Sponsored Post

When you've completed your profile, select NEW POST in the top navigation menu and then follow the instructions on each pop-up. You'll find step by step instructions here. IMPORTANT: Your profile will not be public until you publish one post.

Payout Restrictions

Unfortunately, payout for sponsored content is currently limited to users with bank accounts in the USA, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore & Australia. Read more about payout methods here.